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Welcome to Preferred Pet Sitter
In Our Home Boarding Camp

I specialize and Welcome medium to Large Breed Dogs

And Puppies

Have I Hugged your pet Lately?

I am  a True Dog lovers and get so attached to all the dog I board here that I feel like they instantly become a part of my own family. I allow all the boarders to have free run of  the inside of my home, sleep on our sofa, chairs. snuggle in my over stuffed leather chairs with me and even sleep on our bed if that's what they prefer :-) I also provide plenty of comfy dog beds. I Do Not Kennel or Crate any dogs unless it would be just at  night for your new puppy who is not yet fully house broken.  I  live in a Log Home  in the woods and  have all hard wood floors with a big area run in my great room for all the dogs to romp and play with their toys and my main goal is that every dog feels at home, feels loved, gets plenty of attention and feels like they are having a great vacation while you are enjoying your own vacation. I feel so Blessed to be living in the woods, in the home of my dreams and to have my home filled with wonderful dogs.

All dogs are feed individually just to be on the safe side that their are no fights at all ! All  dogs get 3 daily walks through our wooded trails on their leash and also have a large fenced in area where the dogs can all run and play safely off leash. I do have a few dogs that are very well trained to run off leash and stay right by my side and not chase the deer, squirrels etc... but Do Not let any dogs run loose unless the owners are positively sure their dogs are well trained to stay close by!

I  do require a copy of each dogs shot records to show they are all up to date on all their shots, plus the kennel couch vaccination also known as bordetella, and ask that you please bring your own dogs food only due to the fact that changing a dogs food will  cause your dog to have an upset tummy. You are welcome to bring anything you feel might make your dog feel more comfortable here.. including your own dogs bed, toys, treats etc...

I  have 3 dogs of our own who we love dearly! Emma is a Black Lab, Zoey is Lab/shepherd mix and Gretta is Boxer

My dogs are all on invisible fence and love being with all the boarders and playing.

This is my full time job and I am always home with all the dogs. I  do try to keep the amount of dogs to a lesser number than when I first started my business 7years ago, due to finding out this not only allows my own dogs to get more love and attention but also your dogs get more love and one on one attention and feel more comfortable in my 

Please feel free to contact me at my email address below.

Stephanie  Horn


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